Who is Markiplier
How old he is?
मार्क एफ. फिशबाच (Mark F. Fishbach) who run a youTube channel called “Markiplier” . He has made a lot of importance on YouTube with his channel called markiplier
Basically he make a lot of video games videos and with entertaining stuff he publish it on YouTube . He has received tremendous support from his followers for supporters on YouTube .
Marks main videos are mostly video related games on YouTube. And along with video games videos he also posted a lot of tutorial type videos and entertaining videos on his channel.
Marks is one of the good comedian also and while playing video games he entertains viewers by commentating on his games which attract a lot of viewers for his videos
Also it gives a comedian touch to his videos

He also sometimes encourage other people to do good work and together as much as possible people for a good cause
To know which type of videos he publish it on YouTube you can refer to his YouTube channel called Markiplier.

मार्क एडवर्ड फिशबाच is very popular for his commentatory while playing games and for this reason he became popular and called as ‘मार्किप्लायर’. He became an important youtuber and a gamer
Marks career he started in 2012. Since and his popularity goes on increasing and he started receiving a lot of followers on his YouTube channel.