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Completing tasks and making is something that everyone wants to try because it is the easiest and best way to make some side money.
Since the internet is growing making money online opportunities are also increasing and are increasing day by day. In search of such websites, we found Toloka App.
There are many users who are trying to search if Toloka is legit or not, what is Toloka, how to make money using Toloka, and much more.
If you are one who is also looking for answers to these questions then you are at the right place because this is going, to be honest, Toloka app review.
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What Is Toloka App?
Toloka is a Yandex-based micro tasks platform that supports AI products and research. It allows users to earn money whenever and wherever they want to do it with their devices and the internet.
The AI we are using daily is powered by us through platforms like the Toloka app. It gathers information from users like you and me and then it helps companies to reach out to us.
Toloka app is there since 2014 and it is growing it helped many companies to achieve their target and goal like improving their AI.
How does Toloka App work?
Toloka is a simple micro-task website where you complete tasks and earn money and it works like every other micro-task website.
First, you need to sign up on the platform as a TOLOKER and verify your email. You must need to have a Yandex account first to join Toloka app.
Now complete your training tasks. It is not mandatory but you should complete this to get more tasks.
Once you completed training you are ready to go with real tasks and earn money online.
There are different types of tasks that you have to complete. Following are the types of it.
Image and Video
The image and video tasks include tasks like taking pictures of asked things, outlining specific objects in pictures, finding differences in two images, moderating images, categorizing images, choosing pictures with descriptions and etc.
In this task, you have to write content describing the product with content, Check texts if it is flagged or not or contain intrusive ads, check whether chatbot replies give correct replies or not, and transcribe images to text.
Here in the Audio task, you will find audio that you have to listen to and describe it as asked. Like listen to the audio and tell how it sounds (happy or sad or any other), listen to the audio and write what you listened to.
City Tasks
City tasks include tasks like capturing pics from stores, rating services, reviewing the audience at stores, monitoring ads, rating the rates of products, etc.
Information and Surveys
Surveys are like any other platform where you need to complete surveys for which you will get paid, search for duplicate products, and report them.
Download Toloka App
Toloka has its own app available on the play store. There are more than 10 million downloads on Play Store and has more than 0.27 reviews which gives 4.3 out of 5 reviews to the app.
Toloka is available on App Store as well where they have ratings of 4.1 out of 5 from 350 reviews.
The app is quite interesting and easy to use the app. You will find the app is well-designed and structured where will find the app easy to use.
Click here to visit Play Store.
Click here to visit App Store.
Toloka App Is Legit Or Scam?
The app is legit and secure to use as it is owned by a popular company known as Yandex. They are active for the last many years as well, website running for more than 7 years, and can’t be a scam.
Toloka App review on the play store are also positives which show that they are legit as well. On Trustpilot, they have a rating of 2.8 out of 5 from 105 reviews.
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Payment Method & Minimum Withdrawal
They do support three payment methods including Paypal, Payoneer, and Papara.
The minimum withdrawal for PayPal is $0.02 and there is a fee on withdrawal is 2 to 6%.
$20 is the minimum withdrawal for Payoneer with a fixed fee of 2%.
Users from Turkey can use Papara wallet to withdraw their money. The minimum withdrawal is $0.50 with a 2% fee.
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Is Toloka trusted?
Toloka is a legit and trusted app to make money online.
How much can I earn from Toloka?
Earning on Toloka depends on the offers or tasks you get on the platform. Sometimes there are many tasks to complete while sometimes there are fewer tasks.
What is the minimum withdrawal on Toloka?
The minimum withdrawal for Paypal is $0.20, for Payoneer, it is $20, and for Papara it is $0.50.

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