solution for Unable to sign in Apple ID on ios 11
Solution for Unable to sign in Apple ID on ios 11

iOS 11 is one of the most advanced Mobile operating system in the world. But just like other operating system , iOS 11 is also not free of bugs. People how upgrade to ios 11 already reported too many bugs.

Apple fix many of the bugs on iOS 11 by releasing update , the most recent update is the iOS v11.0.3. But even after the update of v11.0.3 also there are some bug. Many have reported about the bug on Apple discussion, Facebook group and tweeted about it too.

Many iOS customer after upgrading to iOS 11 facing problem with Apple ID . They are unable to log in with their Apple ID . The error shows, “Couldn’t sign-in there was a problem connecting to the server”. For this error we have 2 possible solutions below. The solution worked for most of the iOS 11 customer, who were facing the issue with Apple ID.

Fix for Unable to sign in iOS 11

solution for Unable to sign in Apple ID on ios 11
Solution for Unable to sign in Apple ID on ios 11

Below we have to solution ( fix ) for the error “Unable to sign in” after upgrading to iOS 11. iOS user even after upgrading to iOS 11.0.3 also facing the Apple ID error, reported. So, here we have the solution for you.

Correct Date and Time

One iOS 11.0.3 user , who was facing the error , “Unable to sign in” . We suggest him to check his date and time on his iPhone. So, he check the date and time and it was the problem with his date. The year on his iPhone was 2025 , which was causing the issue. Once he corrected it, he than successfully got login with his Apple ID. Now he can download and also update apps from App store without any issues.

So, first thing that you is check your date and time by going to Settings > General > Date & Time.  and also check your time zone by visiting Settings > General > Date & Time > Time Zone.

Hopefully fixing your date and time on your iPhone will solve the issue. if it didn’t work for you then follow the second method/solution , which will surely fix the problem.

Emergency or Backup Email Address

The problem could be because of your emergency/backup email address. So, What you can do is that , First you need to login with your old emergency or Backup Email Address ( which might have different password and not same as your new Apple ID). Once you have login with your emergency email address then logout of it and then only login with your new Apple ID.

This Emergency email address solution work for 90% of iOS 11 customer, who were facing the issue. So you can try out this solution.

So, now we can say that the error “Unable to sign in ” related to Apple ID error occurred due to two reasons. First , it is because your date and time is not correct. Second, your main or emergency/backup email address is already login on another iOS device.

Tweet about unable to sign in with Apple ID

About the error on Apple discussion

riverfromseattle : hey there

so after I updated iOS 11
and I tried to log in my Apple ID on my phone .but it “could not Sign in ”  (there was a problem connecting to the server.
but ! same Apple ID I could log in my iPad 4 and iPad Pro and Mac .
I don’t know why just not working on my phone .

HasynKhan: Same issue not signing Apple ID after updating to iOS 11.0.3

Rhiannamae: So glad this isn’t just me! Endless loop of logging into your Apple ID. Unable to buy apps and lost all music purchased from iTunes ad I cannot log into my iCloud. Just update IOS 11.1 in hopes of fixing my problem but no use. If any one finds a solution to this problem then it would be very useful!

bnthoma : I’m on an iPod 6th gen and just updated to iOS 11.0.2 after having this issue on the previous version, I’ve literally spent over 8 hours trying to fix this but to no avail, can’t download anything, lost all of my music and can’t download anymore/anything else because when I try to sign in I get stuck in an endless loop. So frikin mad I’ve almost thrown this thing into a wall. (Date is 10/8/17 for future reference)

So, I hope by now you have successfully solve or fix the problem related to Apple ID , which says, “Unable to sign in”. Do let us know in comment , which solution worked for you and on which iOS device you were facing the issue.

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