ios 11 no service issue fix

Almost every ios user are facing no service issue on ios 11 after they have upgraded their device to latest ios version that is ios 11.2.1. Let me make it clear that it is a bug in this latest version of ios 11 which is showing no service or searching. it is for sure that apple will fix this no service or searching bug on next ios 11 update.

ios 11 no service issue fix

But wait we have temporary solution for this ios 11 issue. Untill apple fix the issue via update you can use our temporary solution to get your iPhone connected to any network like AT&T ,Verizon etc.

iPhone user on ios 11 describe the issue as , once they have upgraded to ios 11.2.1 they get this issues which is continuously cycles between “No Service” and “Searching.”
Even restarting or reseting the ios device won’t work as it is a bug.

iOS 11 No service issue fix

By default your iPhone is set to search for available network automatically , this what causing the problem. So what you need to do is instead of letting it search automatically , you search manually for a specific network.

Example say that you are using AT&T service then go to your iPhone network setting and search network manually and once you get to see your operator network select it and done. We have try this solution on one iPhone which was running latest version of ios 11 and selecting network manually really fix the no service issue.

Do let us know by commenting down if it solved the no service issue for you. Also whenever you get latest ios 11 update just download and install the update as Apple will surly bring the fix for this bug on iOS 11.2.1.

By Ankur

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