iOS 11.1 update released fix bug

iOS 11.1 beta update released on 28 September , after some weeks iOS 11 was made publicly available. The update released bring some fix for iOS 11.

The iOS 11.1 beta update is only available to iOS beta tester. Those who have sign-up for iOS beta testing on their beta testing website , will get the iOS 11.1 beta update.

If you have not yet joined the beta testing program , you can become an iOS beta tester by signing up on iOS beta testing website.

iOS 11.1 beta update

Apple made promise that some features like peer-to-peer Apple Pay payments and iCloud support for Messages will be coming in beta updates but those features are not present in the iOS 11.1 beta. 

iOS 11.1 update released fix bug

iOS 11.1 brings some few changes like a tweak to add multiple emoji suggestion , updated camera icon under Restrictions, a new animation when tapping the status bar to scroll upwards, and a faster unlock animation.

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If you have recently upgraded your device to iOS 11 for sure you have felt some lag in UI and other minor issues. Also there was sound issues on iPhone 8 and 8 plus . So Apple fixed those issues on this update. But still some using iOS 11 on older device like iPhone 5 or iPhone 6 complaints that iOS 11 is slowly then iOS 10.

A member of MacRumors , share his opinion on this speed issue as below :

It may be frustrating, but I don’t think it’s unexpected. The 5S is a 4-year-old device with an A7 and 1GB.The latest HW platform is an A11 with 2 or 3GB. Between the A7 and A11 the performance gains are relatively large, huge wrt graphics. Similarly, the iPhone 6 (A8/1GB) is relatively underpowered to run iOS 11.

But beginning with the 6S/iPhone SE/$329 iPad, the A9/2GB platform reaches that “fast enough” point, where the differences from the newest HW aren’t so large. (But who’s to know whether the 6S running iOS 13 will be any less painful than is a 5S trying to run iOS 11? However, with the 6S HW being so similar to the 7, I like the odds.)

There is reason for optimism, though, that the 5S’s performance under iOS 11 will improve. Historically, older devices are slowest with the initial releases of the latest OS. After the dust settles and OS bugs are fixed—and maybe more importantly, ill-behaved apps are updated—the situation will improve. Apple will optimize iOS performance for older models, and to a lesser extent, third-party developers will tweak their apps as well.

This goes against the “forced upgrade” narrative some like to push, but it’s proven to be true. Sometimes I wish Apple were more aggressive in cutting off newer OS support for older devices. But I guess they figure more people would rather have access to the latest OS, even if their device runs slower, than be stuck on the old OS. (Which would cause an even louder outcry from pushers of the “forced obsolescence” canard.)

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