Knowledge of stock market
In order to make decent profit from stock market first you need to understand how stock market works
You can take the help of books read online courses and gather as much knowledge as you can about Stock Market
Do your research
Before investing money in any stocks or companies always read their balance sheet profit analysis and everything about the company perspective.
You need to find everything about the company which you you are investing your money in
If you do not do your search then investing in company without research is very much risky
Always diversify your investment like bonds assets stocks etc never put your all eggs in one basket.
Long term investment
If you planned to invest your money into long time investment then it can turn out to be very profitable.

Slight movements can mean big profits

Risk appetite
Always invest your money or funds into stock market and always have a strict stop loss when buying into stocks
Take professional advice
If you are new be to stock market for a new person investing in stock market then I always take advise financially from someone who is an expert or who can guide you proceeding you right path
Emotional control
Always try to understand how market works and you should not panic when share market terms bear is and goes below your expectation. Always do not panic in such situation
Regular monitor
If you are investing into some stocks long term then always check your performance of stocks regularly. If you find any stocks which is not performing well you can remove that stock from your portfolio
Mutual funds
Mutual fund can turn out to be very good step when you don’t have good stock market knowledge. These are the financial managers who take your money and put it in right thing they have years of experience in managing funds of different peoples.

Investing it at right time
It is not good way if you want to invest some funds when market is above high or reaching 52 week highs
Always try to make investment step wise or slabvise like if market goes down 500 points I mean Sensex Goes Down 500 points down then you will ready to invest 25% of your total investment this is just an example.