Google Opinion Rewards App for ios

Google values it’s customers user experience. They have an app called Google Opinion Rewards App. The App was available on for Android phones but now Google made it available even on App store for iOS devices.

On Google Opinion Rewards App, you will get short and quick survey related to Application , movies , TV shows etc. Completing those quick survey , you will get paid by Google.

Google Opinion Rewards App for ios tricks

This App is interested as you share your opinions and Google pays you for your opinions. You can earn Upto $1 per survey. The amount then can be redeemed to your PayPal account. To redeem your earnings from Google Opinion Rewards App , you have to Link the app with your PayPal account. Currently PayPal is the only payment method available for iOS users. For Android users they use to pay as Google play store gift card.

How to earn with Google Opinion Rewards App

  1. First open App Store on your iPhone or iPad or Computer.
  2. Download the App by searching on App store or you can directly download from this link .
  3. Now install the App on your iPhone or iPad.
  4. Once installed and setup , it will ask you some personal question.
  5. After which you will start receiving surveys.

The App will pay you around $1 per survey. The App is currently available only in US . We don’t know when it will be available in other country for iOS devices.

Initially , even the Google Opinion Rewards App was available only for US but slowly it is made available in other countries like India. It was recently released in India for Android phones. So it is expected that later it will be available in India too for iOS devices.

Google Opinion Rewards App for ios

The App is currently available for iOS devices running iOS version 10.0 or above. You will get survey once every weeks which will pay for completing the survey. Questions can range from, “Which logo is best?” and “Which promotion is most compelling?” to “When do you plan on traveling next?”.

About Google Opinion Rewards App

App Name Google Opinion Rewards
Category Lifestyle
Released Date Oct 09, 2017
Version 1.0
Size 74.6MB
Language English
Seller Google Inc.

The App is now available on both App Store for iOS devices and Google pay Stop for Android devices. If you’re iOS user , you can get it from Apple App Store else you can download it from Google Play store for your Android device. Note that for iOS devices the app is currently available only in US.

Google opinion rewards how to get more surveys

Here we have some simple tips and tricks for you , which can increase the number of survey and ultimately it will increase your earnings. So, follow below mentioned steps to get more from Google Opinion Rewards App.

Keep the App Up to Date

It is reported that keeping the app up-to-date , can bring more survey for you . To have the latest version of the app on your device , don’t forget to turn on auto update on your App Store Settings.

Keep GPS On

Many a time you will get questions asking about Google’s Apps which includes Google Maps . Also they record where you travel recently for marking purpose. Google uses GPS , WiFi , Bluetooth and Cellular Data connection for location. So if you keep your GPS on , you may get more number of survey and most related survey.

Open the App Everyday

We are not sure this will help but it is assumed that , if you open Google Opinion Rewards App at least once a day , Google you think that you are interested in taking surveys and hence they might provide you with more surveys.

Be Truthful

This is one of the most important point to be noted. Google is proving you the survey to know about you and mostly your shopping habits. So if you lie it won’t built truth . To let Google trust you , you must complete the survey honestly. Which will increase the number of survey and ultimately your earnings.

More at Festivals

When do we go for shopping more ? it’s obviously on festivals right ? So Google too wanted to know more about your shopping habits. Therefore they tend to increase the number of surveys during festival season.

So this all about Google Opinion Rewards App which is now available on App Store for iOS devices but only for US. I have also share some tips to increase number of survey and to increase your earnings above hope you read them too. If you have any questions feel free to comment down below.

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