Apple two step verification is death

Apple is now more concerned with the security level for their customers and their devices. So , to strengthen their security Apple had moved from 2 step verification to 2 factor authentication giving more secure feels to its customers.

In this growing digital world , every business is moving towards online Marketing , leading in expansion of their business market share hold and increase in profit.

But as we know with something good always there comes something bad. So the Same logic is applicable to online marketing.

Online business now days are more prone to hacking and other attacks. Making them less secure. So the business are trying their level best to secure more security to make their customers feel comfortable and free in digital world.

Apple two step verification is death

Looking into that factor and to gain the trust of its customers and for the safety of its products user , Apple move to Two – factor authentication from Two step verification.

Apple customer who were using 2 step verification as an additional security features are now automatically moving to 2 factor authentication with the coming of iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. Even if you want you can manually move to 2 factor authentication by yourself.

Two-Factor Authentication is more secure comparing to Two-Step Verification. As it need difficult factor to authenticate that you are the real author of that device or account.

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