Betting on cricket is a fad amongst Indian citizens, and Indians have made their name popular globally in this sport. Cricket is India’s most popular sport, enjoyed almost everywhere. But besides many people enjoying cricket in India, plenty of citizens love to wager on cricket almost daily.

In India today, cricket seems to have become an obsession for ordinary Indians. Cricket fan following has today reached into the tens of millions, with the sport accounting for close to 85% of India’s sports economy. Now, wagering on cricket is a crucial and inseparable part of India’s cricket industry.

But is there more to know about cricket betting in India besides its popularity and statistics? If you’re looking to get into cricket betting in India, there’s more you need to know, as discussed here.

The legality of cricket betting in India

India’s stand on matters concerning sports gambling has been chiefly open. The rules, regulations, and laws to control the country’s gambling industry are available for individual interpretation. As of 2022, wagering in India is under restriction, though some rules don’t apply to online wagering on cricket.

So, is it correct to say offline cricket wagering in India is allowed? The answer is no. India’s government entirely prohibits any wagering activities on cricket in offline mode. It’s a punishable offence to wager on cricket offline; if caught, one will have to pay hefty fines or spend several years behind bars.

Things are, however, different when looking at online cricket betting in India. According to India’s central government, online betting remains a state subject. If an online operator operates out of India’s jurisdiction and allows Indian players to place wagers or ‘Satta’ on cricket events in Indian Rupee, wagering on cricket is, therefore, legal.

Popular cricket bet types in India.

When wagering on cricket in India, you need to be aware of the famous cricket bet types loved by many bettors in the country. While there are several cricket bet types to choose from, the following are the most popular ones in India.

Match Betting

Match betting is the standard type of cricket bet in India. Everything is simple here; the only requirement is choosing one of the three possible outcomes. The three outcomes are: the match will end in a Test (draw), the home win, or the away team will triumph.

Tied Match

Another straightforward type of cricket bet is that in a tied match, you need to wager yes or no on whether you believe the game finishes in a tie.

Completed Match

For full-day events, you can wager on whether you believe the cricket match will or will not end on that day. In other words, it’s a yes or no wager whether the cricket match will eventually finish as scheduled.

Top Bowler

In this type of cricket bet, you are wagering on specific players and choosing a player you believe will take the highest wickets in a series or match.

Innings Runs

Innings Runs are another popular cricket bet type in India. Here, you need to ensure that you correctly predict the number of runs that players will score during the first innings of a cricket match.

Top Batsman

If you wish to place this type of wager, you must correctly choose a player you think will score the highest points/goals during a match.

The future of cricket betting in India

With the continued rise of cricket betting in India, it’s only a matter of time before the Indian government gives in to pressure and considers having a legal but regulated cricket betting industry. Even though online sports betting (cricket included) remains a grey area in India, without a doubt, the future looks bright.

While some states, such as Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Telangana, don’t allow cricket betting, the ban hasn’t stopped locals from engaging in cricket betting. Based on the vast numbers of cricket bettors in India, things are looking good heading into the future.

Where to wager on cricket in India

Wagering online on cricket in India is deemed legal, but only at offshore sites that allow Indian players to wager in India Rupee. It, therefore, means that Indian players have to wager at offshore sites. Finding a reputable cricket betting site can be challenging, especially now that there are dozens of such betting sitescurrently in business.

To be safe, look for sites licensed in reputable jurisdictions such as Malta, Gibraltar, or Curacao. Also, look for cricket betting sites that promote responsible gambling, not forgetting to play at those that allow you to bank and withdraw your winnings in India Rupee. It would be best if you also wagered at sites that offer decent cricket odds.

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