How can we make income from internet.
If you know the right way you can make lots of money. I know many people who earn online from rupees 12 rupees 500000 per month.
In today’s world we can make money sitting from home.
There are thousands of ways to make money online and I am gonna tell you one of the ways through which many bloggers are success.

There are many websites where you can freelance. And make your career. If you are good at anything or something then it is the best way. For example if you are fond of writing or photo snapping or writing an article or graphic designing, then you should opt for this option. There are 1000 ways to work where you can select your work. According to my work if you are good at something you can make good amount of money. You can earn as much as you want from freelancing. In India there are 30% freelancer who are earning 20 lakh rupees a month online.
But before jumping into freelancing carrier make sure the website which you are working with is reputed and trusted. It should be very authentic. Otherwise it will not pay at the end. If you choose any and reliable freelancing website then you do not only waste your time but effort as well. There are few websites which I am going to tell you which are trusted.

Now I am going to tell you second way to make money online.
Friends blogging is the most powerful method to make money online. you can make good amount of money by writing blog post into detail and sharing with your visitors or fans.
Can also make money by putting ads by ads network like AdSense pop up ads etc

You can also get sponsorship by other advertisers.
But for this you have to obtain a minimum amount of traffic on your website.
Friends blogging is a very good method to make money online. You can make money 24 into 7 even when you are sleeping.
Friends now I am going to tell you third 3rd method to make money online.
You can earn money with social media sites as well. You can use Instagram Facebook and build your followings along the way. If you obtain like 10000 followers on your social media profile then you can become social media influencer. After that company will automatically contact to you who to sell their product.
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By Ankur

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